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Quikmaps is an excellent Google Maps mashup that allows users to easily add their own edits to a map. The map below shows a map of all schools that use Creativeblogs.net for their school’s blogsite. I’ve simply dragged a tag on to the correct location for each school, and since Quikmaps supports html code, I’ve added a link to the tag in the following form:

<a href=”schoolwebaddress“>Title of link</a>

The “schoolwebaddress” is the full URL, including the http://, and the “Title of link” is whatever you want to display in the tag.

As well as adding links to the tag, you can also add images. To link to an image, the image must first be hosted online somewhere e.g. Photobucket, Flickr or Phanfare, to name but three photo hosting services (check to see if any are blocked in school). Once you’ve got the image hosted online, you simply need to find the URL for that image and embed it into the Quikmaps tag using the following form:

<img src=”imageurl“>

Again, “imageurl” includes the http://. Note that it is important to save the image on your chosen service in the size you wish it to display on your Quikmap (usually a thumbnail size image is best).

Possible uses for Quikmaps in the classroom:

  • Practically every Geography lesson you can think of;
  • Locating places for history lessons;
  • A litter survey of your school grounds (zoom in really close and click on satellite view, then add tags for where you found litter);
  • Residential courses – plotting routes of walks, nature surveys etc;
  • Plotting routes to school of Walking Buses;
  • Locating amenities in your community (go on a community walk with a digi camera and add the photo tags to a Quikmap;
  • The list is endless…



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