Easy way to display class presentations

It frequently drives me to distraction that children are asked to produce so many PowerPoints, 90% of which are never actually “presented”. Slideshare is a great way of getting children’s PowerPoints on to a blog, but embedding 30 separate PowerPoints in a single blogpost is somewhat daunting, and will clutter your blog terribly as well as slowing the page load down drastically. This is where Slideshare’s presentation pack comes in handy. Upload a batch of PowerPoints and make sure you tag them all with the same unique tag. Next click on Widgets > Presentation Pack. Now tick “My tags” and select the unique tag for that batch of PowerPoints. Slideshare will generate the required code which you simply paste into the HTML tab on your write post screen. Here’s an example of my PowerPoints below:



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  1. Angela Newham January 22, 2009 7:42 pm

    Just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ John. I often refer to your site when I’ve forgotten how to do somthing. I usually just take what I need and I never think to leave a comment. I find all these ‘how to presentations’ excellent, easy to use and easy to follow.

    Hope your ok!

    Thanks again!


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