Dipity – really cool timeline tool

I’ve been playing with Dipity in Year 5 at Chorlton Park recently. It’s a great timeline creator. Simply create an account (hint: use a login and password that you are happy to share with your class) and login. To create a new timeline: Click on the “Add a Topic” button towards bottom right.


Then click on Blank when the dialogue box pops up:


Fill in the details of your timeline:


Then click “Add an Event”


Away you go. There are two really cool things (actually there’s more), about Dipity. The first is that for any event you can add a picture that you’ve saved; add a URL for useful information about that event; or even a video from a hosted site such as Youtube (filtering issues aside). I’ve not tested it yet with Teachertube, but I will. The second really cool thing is that all of your class can login and work on the same timeline using the same username and password concurrently. This is fantastic for thematic approaches. For example on my Year 5 Victorian timelines, once the basic chronology is set up the class will split into groups and research aspects of Victoriana e.g. inventions, wars, famous people and even cricket (thanks to @pettsvaldo for that suggestion via twitter). Each group will then post their key events to the timeline. If you have ythe timeline displayed on your whiteboard it will regularly update with new events as your class add them. Last of all, Creative Blogs is set up to accept Dipity code. Click on the embed widget button at bottom right.


Next copy the embed code (choosing an appropriate size for your timeline), and paste the code into the HTML tab under Write Post.

This is the timeline some of my Year 5s have been working on at Chorlton Park. It’s a live document and will change as they add more information to it:

Let me know how you get on.




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  1. Bob Armour December 1, 2008 11:00 pm

    Hello John-
    Our company LifeSnapz enables timeline building via events in a similar fashion. We use the concept of a group, where an educator can create a group for his/her students. The class can then collaboratively build a timeline of a series of events. The events are built using photos, descriptions and videos, and the events can also be explored via a map.
    Please check out LifeSnapz. I’d love to hear your comments.
    Bob Armour


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