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As has been commented on many times before, teaching is often a very isolated activity in the sense that it’s you and 30 children, usually not another adult in sight – unless you are fortunate enough to have a teaching assistant, or work in an early years setting where teamwork comes very much to the fore. This isolation often turns teachers into “squirrels”, they hoard resources for their own use and are often not very good at sharing.

I set out on the road as an independent ICT consultant I frequently sent out mass mailings to schools in the northwest with ideas, suggestions and great web resources that I’d found. I rarely got any response. Occasionally, when I met someone who received my emails I’d ask them if they were any use and usually they responded very positively. My discovery of blogging as a means of disseminating information and discussing ideas changed my outlook completely, and instead of sending out mass emails, I started blogging about stuff instead. I also started to use Delicious to compile resources, and just over a year ago I subscribed to Twitter. These sites and other Web 2.0 tools like them changed my outlook as a teacher completely. I am wired into an informal network of teachers and educators from around the globe who are exchanging ideas and resources on a daily basis.

As a result of my experiences I’m putting together a course entitled “Teachers in a connected world” and I would welcome any input you may have:

– essential reading (printed or blogs)
– what tools should I include?
– key messages?
– key statistics regarding teachers’/children’s use of the social web?

Course format: I envisage 3 possible formats – an all day conference, a half-day INSET or a twilight staff meeting. If you would like to book one of these sessions for your school, please get in touch.

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