Blogging at Chorlton Park and Baroness Greenfield!

Yesterday afternoon I was running a WordPress 2.7 course at Chorlton Park for existing Creative Blogs schools in order to update them on the new software. Many thanks to the school for hosting and for Lidget Green for trekking across the Pennines from Bradford to support the event.

The new version of WordPress is certainly very different to the last, but once you are used to the new interface, it’s faster and slicker than previous versions.

We also had a little time to look at some useful resources to use with WordPress, including the new slideshow generator, Photopeach. The beauty of this particular generator is that it has an excellent and very fast file uploader and very few customisation choices meaning that you can generate a slideshow for your blog very quickly (example here).

Dipity was also discussed. I’m a big fan of this very easy to use timeline generator and we talked a little about how it could be used in the early years: set up a timeline and add photographs as the year progresses; mark significant events in advance and use it in your whiteboard to discuss what you’ve done when and what’s coming up. I think it might be helpful in building a sense of time in little ones.

Baroness Greenfield

During the day I wasn’t aware of the controversy raging around the article reporting Baroness Greenfield’s comments?regarding social networking?in the Daily Mail . She was asserting that social networking sites such as Facebook could rewire children’s brains leaving them unable to concentrate. She also suggested that it might be a cause for autism! Let’s leave aside the fact that no research was cited to back her up; or that autism is generally diagnosed at an early age (from 18 months I believe) and I’m not aware of many toddlers engaging with social networks; or even that people have been saying much the same thing about TV in the 50s, or pop music in the 60s. In typical Mail fashion it just serves to reinforce the prejudices of its readership. Anyway, here are a few interesting responses:


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