Mapwing – a fantastically cool tool

Kudos to Mark Ward at Aintree Davenhill for being the first Creative Blogs school to get a virtual tour done using the fantastically cool Mapwing website. Mapwing is a free service (there is a premium version with lots of extra features, aimed mainly at corporates) that, as is obvious from the above, allows you to create a virtual tour of anything you like. Just compile your digital images, the correct map and create. Take the resulting embed code and paste it into the html tab on your post screen and publish.

Obviously, you can use it to create a virtual tour of school, but with a bit of imagination there are plenty of other applications:

– My year 6 classes are working on a virtual tour of Europe using PowerPoint to produce slides with information on each country in the EU.

– How about a family tree? Each point on the “map” could have a photograph and biography attached. This would be great for the old chestnut that is Henry VIII and his six wives.

– Or a mystery story in an old mansion with a story in each room.

I’m sure, with a bit of thought, people could come up with loads of interesting ideas. Please add them as a comment below.



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