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It was great to meet so many teachers at today’s Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation’s HQ in Wakefield. The first half of the day was run by Blue Peter award winning author, Alan Gibbons, whose blog, I’m proud to say, is hosted by me at

Alan’s theme was making the most of an author visit and he entertained us with his well-known scouse wit and tales of school secretaries who thought that he was a plumber when he arrived at school (have you considered that the secretary might have deliberately attempted to lock you in the boiler room, Alan?).

My afternoon seesion was all about using ICT in order to support an author visit and I centred this around blogging and podcasting. I blogged about this sort of thing last year in this post. A couple of things that occurred to me towards the end of the afternoon I was unable to demonstrate were Dipity and Voicethread.

I think Dipity would be excellent if you ever had the pleasure of a war veteran visiting school or somebody talking about a bygone age. Not only would you be able to plot the general context of the historical events of the visitor’s talk, but you could also add the events in that person’s life, too (it would also really work well for a history of the school where ex-pupils were coming in and talking about their time in school). Here’s a sample timeline that one of my year 5 classes did on Queen Victoria.

Another excellent tool that could be used to support a visit would be Voicethread. Here I’m thinking that it would be great if you had a visiting artist to showcase some of that artisit’s work and to capture some of the children’s reactions to it. This example is a Voicethread about using web 2.0 ICT tools, but could equally be a collection of artefacts that you wanted children to comment on.

My thanks to Paula at YPO for organising the day and I hope for further opportunities to visit the rhubarb triangle in the future 😉



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