Embedit.in – a super-flexible way of displaying documents on your blog

Embedit.in is a very useful tool. Cutting and pasting documents into a blog post, especially if it’s a long document, can result in very text dense web pages which don’t work well for readers. It’s much better to “embed” a document into an onscreen reader such as that provided by Embedit.in. It gives the reader the option to go to full screen, to download the document (if you allow it) or to print the document (again at your discretion). This makes the website ideal for displaying things like newsletters, policies, prospecti and so forth.
Here is an example:

This is simply a Word doc that I wrote a few years ago (still contains a few useful nuggets of advice, I think). I have signed in to Embedit.in, selected the file from my computer to embed and it does the rest for you. Use the sliders to adjust the display size of the document and tickboxes to adjust the privacy settings. Once you’ve got the required settings, simply click on the “Copy to Clipboard” button and the switch to your blog.
Once you have clicked on the html tab, simple paste the code provided by embedit.in at the required place in your post.

Once you have pasted in the code you are ready to click “Publish”.

Super Flexible

Embedit.in is much more than simply a device for embedding Word documents. It can be used to embed spreadsheets or PowerPoints. Follow exactly the same process as above. Moreover, if you host documents online, for example at Google Docs or Box.net, simply paste in the URL of the document that you want to embed and Embedit.in will do the rest. Instead of clicking “Select File”, click on the link beneath to embed a URL and paste in the web address of the document. Note that any document that you wish to embed in this way must be set to public for Embedit.in to be able to access and embed it.



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