The Googlemail Plus Trick

Signing up for web services to use with your class can be a bit of a problem with some services that require individual web addresses ?and don’t allow multiple logins, especially if you don’t have individual email addresses for your class members. Fortunately there exists a loophole in Googlemail (Gmail) that allows you to create multiple email addresses that resolve to the same address. In other words, you can give all the children in your class an individual email addresses that use a single email address to send and receive all messages. This makes the management of email extremely simple.

How does it work?

Suppose I have a Googlemail account called By adding a + (plus) sign and a name I can have multiple email addresses that use the same account. For example:

All these different email addresses will use to send and receive mail.

It’s a really simple trick that makes the managing of class email really simple.

To sign up for a Googlemail or Gmail account, visit



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