Using Yahoo Pipes to create a sitewide feed

Most Creative Blogs customers already have a global posts feed that automatically aggregates every blogpost from every blog on their site. However, if you have several free blogs dotted around the internet, wouldn’t it be useful to display the latest blogposts that have been published on your sites in ?the sidebars of your various blogs? Why not use Yahoo Pipes to collect the posts from all your blogs and aggregate them into a single feed?

Yahoo Pipes is a very powerful and free online tool that allows you to combine and manipulate data from different sources and thus create a “mashup” of that data. Setting up a basic sitewide feed with Pipes is simple and fun; so simple that you could teach the skills to year 5 or 6 children: perhaps getting them to find their 5 favourite schoolblogs and creating a mashup of their blogposts.

Note, you will need to set up a free Yahoo ID to use Yahoo Pipes.



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