Embedding a Document in Your Blog

Uploading a document to a blog is always pretty unsatisfactory as all you get is a simple download text link. Much nicer to embed the document in a window which allows you to scroll up and down the document; flick backwards and forwards through the page; switch to full screen; or even print it. For school blogs it’s great for newsletters, policies, inspection reports, term dates and so on. There are several services that allow you to do this, but I normally use Docstoc. It has always been very reliable and simple to use. One thing you should note about uploading documents for embedding is that they will be in the public domain. Docstoc does have the ability to keep documents private, but you have to subscribe to the premium version to do that, and in any case, if you keep a document private you can’t embed it in a public blog. This means that you should never upload a document to which you do not own the copyright (commercial worksheets, for example) or that you are not comfortable being in the public domain (unratified minutes of meetings etc.).

This short video will take you through the process of embedding a document:



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2 Responses to “Embedding a Document in Your Blog”

  1. Allanah King September 10, 2011 7:21 am

    Your tutorial was spot on. It took seconds to set up and looks good on my blog.

    Thank you



  2. Sam Culshaw-Robinson October 12, 2011 8:15 am

    Thanks John, so easy when you know how!


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