Adding a picture while logged in as a contributor

The contributor role is one that most children are assigned by their teachers when using WordPress. The reason is simple, it’s secure. We’ve made it more secure by writing a special plugin along with Primary Blogger to ensure that children can’t see unmoderated comments (which they can in However, a limitation of the contributor role is that they can’t upload pictures to the blog. This is a WordPress security feature to prevent users uploading inappropriate material. There are times when you want children to add pictures to posts and there are two ways of achieving this. One is to switch their role to that of “Author” for a lesson, which is quick and easy to do, but there’s always the chance that you’ll forget to switch them back at the end. In any case, it doesn’t work well for use at home. The other method is to teach them to embed images using code. This is a useful skill to learn and is suitable for year 4 and upward I think.




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