David Mitchell talking at #140conf

Many of you will know David Mitchell as @deputymitchell on Twitter. He has done perhaps more than anyone to spread the word about children blogging in schools over the last couple of years. He has received a number of awards for his work and this week took to the skies for a flying visit to New York to talk about his work at #140conf. Here’s his presentation (click to 14 mins in to view the video):

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Naturally, we are delighted that David’s school, Heathfield Primary School in Bolton is one of our customers, but we’ve come to dread a phonecall from him, which, after the usual pleasantries is usually followed by, “I’ve had an idea…”

Here are a couple of David’s ideas that we’ve helped him to realise by setting up the blogs for him:



And also, inspired by his work with Pie Corbett, we built Livewriting.net run by 2 other ever enthusiastic bloggers, Cherise Duxbury from High Lawn and Simon Mcloughlin from Hotspur.




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