10 ways to supercharge your blogging

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1. Get Mobile

Whether it’s via a tablet or a smartphone, it doesn’t matter. Blogging on the go is simple and adds an immediacy to what you do.

2. Get your images and video online and linked to your blog

Use Flickr or Picasa with your class to store images taken from their mobile devices on class trips. Make sure they know how to tag them properly and understand licencing (see Creative Commons, below). Turn your images into a real searchable resource that you class can blog with instead of storing them away on a hard drive in school never to be seen again.

3. Use your voice

Get a free account with iPadio or Audioboo and link them to your blogs. Put the app on your mobile device. Never has recording and sharing a poem, a story and conversation been so easy.

4. Tag everything

Imagine if every resource that you uploaded to the web to whatever service you use was searchable for you and your class. It is if you tag it.

5. Make blogs hyperlink rich

Teach your bloggers to reflect on their learning through linking to past content; to enrich their non-fiction writing by hyperlinking to relevant content; to curate their content by writing posts with links to their photo sets, videos and audio.

6. Tweet

Build audience, collaborate, squirrel ideas, showcase the best of your class through Twitter.

7. Make your blog the centre of your online presence

Teach your class to embed images, videos, audio and any other online tool you might use. Your blog can pull all of this content together.

8. Link your blog to the world around you

Use QR Codes to link French displays to audio of children speaking the language; to link drafts in draft books with finished stories online; to link plants in the garden to notes written on the blog about what they are and how to look after them.

9. Share and share alike

Understand that, just as you want to find free content online that you want to use to teach and stimulate, the content you create could be someone else’s learning resource. Find out about Creative Commons and its implications for education.

10. Measure your audience

Only by making explicit the link between your blog and its audience will your children understand that there is a whole world out there looking at their stuff.




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