Exploring Coveritlive with Blackpool Teachers

CIL_Logo_10I first came across Coveritlive 5 years ago and I remember holding a late night online session with a few of my PLN discussing how it might be used in school. Today I’m holding a free training session at Layton Primary School in Blackpool where we will hope to tease out some ideas on how it might be used.

If you have never used Coveritlive before, it’s a live blogging platform to which people can contribute from their pc or mobile device wherever they might be. All incoming comments are reviewed by a moderator before appearing on a live blog. it’s really popular among media organisations for running live reports on sporting events. They pay many thousands to use the platform but it is fantastic that Coveritlive allow teachers to use it for free! Just sign up and then get in touch with them via email.

Also checkout http://livewriting.net?where teachers have curated some great examples of Coveritlive in action.




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