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How often have you been on a school trip, taken a load of photos on a digital camera, downloaded them onto the school’s fileserver only for them never to see the light of day again? Next time you go on a trip imagine using a mobile device to take the pictures and while you’re doing it the pictures are being uploaded to the cloud so by the time you get back to school the gallery of photos you took is already displayed as a slideshow on your class blog. When the children write their accounts of the trip they embed their favourite photos in their blogposts by browsing to their class photoset and finding their favourite images whether they are at home, school or on a mobile device. Hard to achieve? No, really simply and virtually free.

One of the restrictions in WordPress is that contributors (i.e. the children) are not able to upload images to a blogpost. This is because there is no way for the teacher to tell whether the pictures are copyrighted or not, or whether the people in the photo have given permission. However, children can embed images that are hosted online unleashing a myriad of possibilities once you take that step and move to cloud hosting images. This is easily achieved with Flickr, the ever popular photo hosting service from Yahoo.

Next Thursday morning in Preston I shall be running a workshop on how to use Flickr in conjunction with blogs. In the course of the workshop we will:

  • Discuss privacy, copyright and e-safety;
  • Learn how to embed an image from Flickr;
  • Learn how to create a Flickr slideshow;
  • Understand the Flickr app to upload pictures from smart devices on the go;
  • Understand the importance of tagging;
  • Learn how to organise your Flickr collection into sets;

The workshop costs ?100 (less if you book more than one place) and you can find booking details here:?http://creativeblogs.net/blog/2013/11/13/a-series-of-blog-workshops/


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