Blogging with Flickr – some resources

Flickr is the powerful photo hosting platform that boast some 4 billion community submitted images in its library. This huge size, coupled with the functionality it affords makes Flickr a really powerful tool to add to your blogging armoury.

From a school’s point of view its chief attractions are:

  • Children can embed images from Flickr whereas they can’t upload them via WordPress’ media uploader;
  • When uploading from mobile devices you can set the Flickr app not to save the image to the device so getting around the issue of storiung images on personal devices;
  • You can create slideshows simply and embed them into blogs and when you add new photos to Flickr the slideshow will automatically update;


Tools for Flickr is a very simple slideshow generator: simply add the URL of your photoset from Flickr and it generates the embed code for you. Here is an example:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Slidemypics?is similar to FlickrSlidr but generates html5 slideshows will which work on iPads etc is a great search tool for finding free to use images from across the Flickr database is similar tp Photopin but also works in the iPad’s browser.

Many other web tools like Animoto have Flickr integration built in making it really simple for children to build cool slideshows, trading card decks (Bighugelabs) and much more.


You can also embed a single image like this one. The main benefit of doing this is that children can access your school’s Flickr account and providing you have set photos to “Public” they can be embedded. Here is a set of instructions written by Hannah from Caton Primary School on embedding an image from Flickr:?





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