Early Years Learning Journey Plugin Launched

Creative Blogs are delighted to announce the launch today of our Early Years Learning Journey plugin for WordPress.

Over the last few years several of our schools have developed the use of WordPress in the Early Years through setting up of individual private blogs for the recording of assessment. Such blogs replaced piles of files on shelves; loads of colour printing and photo copying; and huge amounts of cutting out and sticking. Moreover, schools could give parents a password to their child’s individual blog in order for them to view the assessments and comments made by the Early Years teachers. Standard WordPress functionality allows users to create categories which have been used to set up all the different learning goals in the early years curriculum. Leamore Primary School pioneered this approach led by Michelle Hill, and in fact won the Naace Impact award for EYFS for her work.

We have always recognised that the use of WordPress categories to select assessment statements was cumbersome so we looked to find a better way. We think we’ve found it. Our plugin has been developed by Jack Davidson who, during his time as Head of eLearning Heathfield School for Girls in London, won the 2013 Naace Impact Award for EYFS?for the early development of the plugin. Since then, Jack has developed the plugin further to include an extremely simple “drill down” system to find the exact goal or goals that you wish to record an assessment against; coverage and tracking pie charts and statement grids with links back to the original assessments. The slideshow below gives you some screen shots as well as details of the exciting launch offer.


In order to use the plugin you must have a WordPress Multisites platform and if you are a Creative Blogs customer you can add the plugin to your platform by simply filling in the questionnaire below. If you are not currently using WordPress Multisites but are interested in finding out more, tick the relevant box and we’ll be in touch.



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