End of year routines

It’s that time of year when it’s time to think about setting up class blogs for the autumn. As usual we will be offering a number of ways in which you can do this.

We assume that you want to set up a new set of class blogs ?on your site and to migrate links to existing blogs from the buttons on the homepage to an archive page. We think that this is the best method to use but is not the only one. Other methods include:

  • Deleting the existing class blogs and setting up new identically named blogs;
  • Using the WordPress archive function which takes existing blogs offline and replace them with different blogs;
  • Carrying on with the existing blogs.

In our opinion, none of the above are satisfactory solutions:

  • In the first case all data is lost and the old blogs will have gone forever;
  • In the second case, the blogs will still exist but will not be visible to the internet;
  • In the third case several things will happen: the blog may get too large and unwieldy; the current year?s tags will combine with previous year?s tags making for muddled navigation and searching; the user stats will refer to multiple years of use.

The work required should take approximately half a day for most schools, maybe a bit longer if it?s the first time you have done this, or your school has more than 2 form entry. You will need class lists of children for each class for whom you are creating a blog.

Note that this does not all have to be done in a single day. For example, the new blogs can be created well in advance.

You must be a WordPress ?Network Administrator? to carry out this process.

What are your options?

  1. Do it yourself.

    We have an extensive set of notes for anyone wanting to set up their blogs for the new year, and anyone who is used to administering a WordPress Multisite should be able to work through the notes successfully. Feedback appreciated. The notes may be accessed here.

  2. Get us to do it for you.?

    We can set up your site for the new school year for you provided you let us know in advance. If you wish to use this service, you must order by June 30th, and provide us with all the information we need by July 23rd. We can’t guarantee to be able to set up blogs by 1st Sept unless these deadlines are complied with. We can also offer this service onsite.

  3. Attend a course.?

    We will be offering a number of dates at the end of term at which you will be able to work through your site update process with John. Please note that if we are not running a course in your area, feel free to get in touch with other schools around and about to see if you can share costs on a half day consultancy or offer to host a course. To find out who else uses Creative Blogs in your area check the?blog ?community map

Order the Blog Setup Service

Please fill in the form below:

Please note, that if you intend using this service we will need the following from you by July 23rd

  • A list of new blogs with the name, username and email address of the blog administrator (usually the teacher) for each blog;
  • A class list for each blog with usernames of existing users. New users should be clearly identified as such. Note that if you do not have any children?s logins set up, there will be a premium of ?100 applied to bulk create all children?s logins.
  • You can also send us some new photos for slides if you wish.

Order a place on one of the blog setup courses

We will be running a number of courses at which you will be able to bring along all your class lists, usernames etc and work through the new year setup process with John. This is a popular course and places are limited, so book early. If we are not running a course in your area, feel free to get in touch with other schools around and about to see if you can share costs on a half day consultancy. To find out who else uses Creative Blogs in your area check the blog ?community map.

If you book a place on a course, you will need to bring the following with you:

  • A wifi enabled laptop with spreadsheet software (we do not recommend you use a tablet device for this course);
  • A list of new blogs and usernames and email address of teachers;
  • Class lists with their blog usernames.


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