Important – we’re transferring your blogs to new servers

Big news for our customers: over the next few weeks we are upgrading our server infrastructure to brand new, much faster and more powerful servers. What’s more, these servers will be based locally, in the UK.

For the past 10 years we have used Hostgator to provide our blog hosting. When we started out they seemed like a great choice and we have consistently been impressed with their support. However, they are a US based server host and as more people have become concerned about where their data is hosted we decided to look at alternatives (for the record, Hostgator is fully compliant with applicable EU/US Safeharbor rules).

We have been building blogs on Rapidswitch for a year now and we have noticed a markedly superior performance on these sites. So, we have taken the decision to transfer all customers on Hostgator to our new Rapidswitch servers. The first transfers have already taken place and we are pleased to note that customers are already remarking on the increase in speed and general performance on their site.

What is more, we are doing this while holding our annual renewal price to ?600 for the third consecutive year, making our WordPress Multisites, we believe, the best value “learning platform” on the market.

In order to transfer each site we will need to take your site offline for somewhere between 12 and 24 hours. We will send you an email informing you when we intend to do the transfer.

Thank you for your continuing support and we look forward to providing you with a better and faster blog service over the coming year.



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