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Posting on here about homework seems a little incongruous, however I’m doing so by way of introducing Donald Clark’s excellent blog. The “no homework” argument is frequently trotted by frustrated teachers and parents alike when faced with boring and repetitive or over burdensome homework tasks. Clark successfully explodes this myth and presents seven teaching and seven learning strategies for homework.

We have long known that on the best class blogs much of the best work is done ‘offsite’ and therefore, by definition is homework. But it is most definitely not the boring repetition of simple exercises previously done in class that bedevils so much homework provision. Nor does it require parents to have a passing knowledge of mathematics to degree standard to interpret it.

At its best, blog homework is not set, but self motivated. The learner wishes to write for pleasure and for their audience. Or, as in the case of writing comments, to support and enhance the learning of others. Teachers need to give children the skills they need to be able to comment (peer assess) constructively, and the permission to explore their creativity through writing without it necessarily being to constrained by a writing frame or objective.

I have often argued that asking children to peer review blogposts on their own blogsite as well as that of others is a perfectly legitimate and valuable “homework” task. How do you set homework on your blog?

Donald Clark on homework


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