Three simple strategies for helping your blog project gain momentum

So you have launched a brand new and exciting class blog. How do you ensure the project gains traction with your children and your school community in order to maximise the impact on learning? Here are three simple strategies that schools have used successfully to start projects on the right footing and to reboot projects that have lost their initial enthusiasm and focus.


1. Give the children a commenting framework

The number one priority is to make sure that children are commenting on each other’s work. To help facilitate this give them a simple framework for writing comments. Here is an article that David Mitchell wrote for this blog that explains the 1, 2, 3 of commenting: ?


2. Make sure parents are getting the message

The second thing is to make sure that parents are getting the message. Each blog should have the “Subscribe by Email” widget in the sidebar. This post describes how you can configure the widget for maximum impact: ?


3. Use your school’s award assembly

Thirdly, big up blogging in your awards assembly. Each week or fortnight or whatever, set a challenge:
  • Which blog can get the most visitors this week;
  • Which blog can get the most comments in a week;
  • How many different countries can you get to visit;
  • Which blog has the best blog post;
  • Which blog posts has the most constructive comment;
Award “Blog of the week” prizes and put a digital badge on the blog. Here is a set of 3 badges drawn by the dearly missed?Bev Evans that you can download and use:?

To add an image to a sidebar widget:
  1. Media > Add New ?then upload the image;
  2. Once uploaded, click “Edit Image” and copy the image URL (in the grey box on the right);
  3. Now go to Appearance > Widgets and drag a text widget into the sidebar;
  4. In the blank text widget add the following code:

<img src=”paste image link here“>



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