Back in the Classroom

It is now 10 years since I was a full time class teacher (and even then I wasn’t properly full time as I had scaled the dizzy heights to reach SLT and therefore had quite a chunk of the week “off timetable”). When I started Creative ICT (as it was then known) I actually did quite a lot of teaching: PPA and even a bit of supply while I established my business, but over time that dropped off. In the last couple of years blogging has taken over completely and I’ve spent next to no time at all in the classroom.

To redress the balance I have been teaching one afternoon a week at Westgate Primary in Morecambe introducing a class of year 6s and a class of year 2s to blogging. I must say I have enjoyed it and am pleased to report that I can still do “the look”. I’ve got a bit rusty on stuff like pace and have a tendency to talk too much. Nevertheless, the children seem to be enjoying it and have done some great writing.

As ever, it is comments and visits that are going to make the difference, so if you can spare a couple of minutes, please visit and and write a comment or two.
I’ll be looking to keep the classroom practice going in the autumn, so if you’re interested, please get in touch. I’m doing this pro bono, so, if you are a long way from Lancaster, as long as you can cover my expenses I’ll be happy.




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