A set of posts to help start the new school year on the right foot

Here are a number of blogposts that I have written that may provide some useful help in getting your blogs off and running efficiently this September.


Admin Tasks

Here is a full “end of year tasks” tutorial that will take you step by step through the process of setting up new class blogs, user accounts and moving users: Year end tutorial

A tutorial showing you how to move users in bulk between old blogs and new: Moving users in bulk tutorial

A full guide to managing users in a WordPress Multisite: User Guide

Note:?We are running a further blog update course on 14th September in Wigan. This popular course goes through the whole setup of your blogsite getting ready for the new school year. By the end of the half day your site will be ready to go! For details email john@creativeblogs.net

Teaching and managing blogs in the classroom

A guest post on this blog by David Mitchell on the 1,2,3 model for writing comments: Commenting…as easy as 1,2,3

A post on how to use a blog for homework:?Blogging as homework

A tutorial on using the “Subscribe by email” plugin: Making sure parents get the message


An important and salutory reminder that following copyright rules when blogging is vital – schools are beginning to get the message, we only heard of one school getting a copyright infringement notice in the last academic year: What happens when a school infringes copyright.


Finally, should you need help with any aspect of blogging in your classroom, please send us a support request via the helpdesk.



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