Free Badges for Blogs

We’ve had a set of badges created to support your blogging in the classroom. Simply select the badge that you want to use, then find the corresponding code snippet below. Copy and paste the code snippet into a comment (note: some blogs may not support embedded images in comments).

All images are Creative Commons licenced for free use in schools and not for profit organisations.


  1. <img src=””>
  2. <img src=””>
  3. <img src=””>
  4. <img src=””>
  5. <img src=””>
  6. <img src=””>
  7. <img src=””>
  8. <img src=””>
  9. <img src=””>
  10. <img src=””>
  11. <img src=””>
  12. <img src=””>
  13. <img src=””>
  14. <img src=””>
  15. <img src=””>
  16. <img src=””>
  17. <img src=””>
  18. <img src=””>
  19. <img src=””>
  20. <img src=””>
  21. <img src=””>
  22. <img src=””>
  23. <img src=””>
  24. <img src=””>


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