Using Facebook in School: some guidance, and a new plugin


More and more schools I work with are thinking about Facebook as a communication tool with parents. Here’s a simple guide to its use in school by Alan Mackenzie (@esafetyadviser on twitter).

My own opinion, for what it’s worth is that you should not consider Facebook as a means of communicating privately with your school community and any Facebook page you set up should be entirely public. The reason is simple: as soon as you post an image or anything else to a private page you have lost control of it. The members of that page can copy it, post it, email it, or do whatever they want with it. Therefore it’s much safer to be absolutely clear that any information and images that are posted conform fully to school policy, just as if they were published on the school website.

I also don’t buy the argument that says, “because parents are on Facebook, we need to be there to monitor what is being said.” Just because you set up a school Facebook page doesn’t give you any access to private Facebook Groups set up by parents. I liken this to schoolgate gossips: the only way you get to know what is going on is through your network of informants. The same applies to Facebook, and in any case, you wouldn’t have the time to monitor it even if you wanted to. ?So, provided you are clear in your approach to using Facebook it can be an invaluable tool in the school’s communication strategy.

We have just invested in a plugin that allows your Facebook page feed to be published on your blog either as a widget, or as a page. So, if you have a Facebook page already and you want it linking to your blog, drop me a line.

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