Teachmeet Tarporley

This afternoon I am presenting at Teachmeet Tarporley in Cheshire. It has been a while since I spoke at a teachmeet so this will be an overdue and hopefully enjoyable return to this fantastic style of free CPD. My original 7 minute presentation was going to be on the key skills I felt that teachers need to concentrate on when teaching digital literacy to children. However, 2 recent events have caused me to re-evauluate.

  1. I spoke at a meeting of ICT leaders last month and asked them to raise their hands if they knew and understood what Creative Commons is about. Not one hand went up.
  2. I was working with teachers in a primary school that shall remain nameless and was seriously shaken by the lack of personal digital skills on display.

So, I have changed course completely and I will be indulging in a 7 minute exhortation/rant to suggest to teachers that if their own digital skills and practices are insecure, unsafe and not up to date, what messages are they imparting consciously or unconsciously to children and how can they prepare children for a digital future?





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