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Three simple strategies for helping your blog project gain momentum

So you have launched a brand new and exciting class blog. How do you ensure the project gains traction with your children and your school community in order to maximise the impact on learning? Here are three simple strategies that schools have used successfully to start projects on the right footing and to reboot projects […]

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Commenting…as easy as 1,2,3

  In a guest post for Creative Blogs, David Mitchell explains why teaching children to comment effectively on class blogs is at least as important as writing stories in the first place. I’ve been on a mission for 4 years now to bring blogging to as many teachers and pupils as possible. In fact, I’ve […]

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Speed Learning Event at Russell Scott

I’m doing my first Speed Learning event at the fantastic Russell Scott Primary School in Denton today. ?I have decided that my 5 minute table talk will be on writing quality comments. In particular I will focus on the need to move beyond the digital “pat on the back” and give children a framework with […]

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Does Blogging Really Make a Difference?

If I had a pound for every time I was asked, “What evidence is there that blogging raises standards?” I’d be able to stop building blogs and retire. The problem with this question is defining what exactly you mean by blogging. Put it another way, you could equally ask, “What evidence is there that writing […]

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Are we blog browsers?

I have just read an interesting blog post by Seth Godin on the way people’s online behaviour towards buying stuff is changing. The basic premise of the piece is that although the amount of online transactions has grown enormously over the last ten years, the number of web pages viewed by us has increased dramatically […]

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