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Does the writing on your school blog reflect standards in your school?

When schools set off on a blog project I frequently detect an unspoken tension in heads and senior managers about having blog posts published on their school sites with spelling and grammatical errors. These will, somehow, reflect poorly on the school and, dare I say it, put off prospective parents. This tension is coming to […]

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Comments Matter

When asking children about what it is they find exciting and challenging about blogging, they always talk about receiving comments. Indeed, we believe that it’s the exposure to a real audience that is the key to the power of blogging over just about any other digital means of publication. ?And by “exposure”, we don’t just […]

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Is Commenting a Dying Art?

David Mitchell and I were chatting this morning about comments on blogs. It has been observed by many that Twitter and other social media are fast taking over as the place to have conversations about blogposts. In other words, you read the blogpost and then mention it on Twitter as being of interest to you […]

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Blog Rules

Click on the link below to download a set of suggested blog rules for your school. You may amend them according to your own circumstances and your own project. It would be helpful, if you made significant changes, to send us a copy of your own set so that we can put it here to […]

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A few plugins to try

Plugins are a great way of extending the functionality of your blog and here are a few that you may find useful. For some basic information and some instructions on how to install plugins, read this post. Scissors Scissors is a really useful plugin that gets around the problem of having to resize images prior […]

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