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What happens when your blog gets an unsavoury comment

Whenever you open a blog to allow your user community to post comments at some point in time you are likely to receive an unsavoury comment. Sometimes they will just be irritating and just warrant deletion; sometimes they will be a spam comment with a link to somewhere you don’t want your community to visit; […]

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Using Globally Recognised Avatars

Avatars are the small images that you often see alongside blog comments or on social networking sites. Sometimes they are a digital portrait, often they are cartoon representations. Children enjoy creating their own avatars and their use will encourage them to comment on their own school blogsite as well as others. They are also very […]

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Building authentic audience

Creative Commons image from Smackfu One of the most commonly asked questions of any successful blogger is, “How do you get so many visitors to your blog?” For teachers engaged in a blogging project at school this question lies at the heart of why we blog. We all know that few things motivate children more […]

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Comment rules

Image Credit Dis is da best blog in da world, eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? Is this comment suitable for a school’s blogsite? Some might argue that since it’s a child’s own language it should be respected as such and approved. Indeed, there has been some research that shows that children who regularly text have greater language skills […]

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