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Teachmeet Blackpool, where next?

Last Thursday I attended Teachmeet Blackpool at Hawes Side primary school. Teachers, Jim Maloney of Hawes Side and Tom Sale of Mereside were the movers and shakers and managed to get a great attendance from local primary schools. As usual it was good to renew acquaintances with colleagues such as Peter Rafferty from Green Park, […]

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Blogging in Wakefield

It was great to meet so many teachers at today’s Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation’s HQ in Wakefield. The first half of the day was run by Blue Peter award winning author, Alan Gibbons, whose blog, I’m proud to say, is hosted by me at http://alangibbons.net Alan’s theme was making the most of an author visit and […]

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Easy way to display class presentations

It frequently drives me to distraction that children are asked to produce so many PowerPoints, 90% of which are never actually “presented”. Slideshare is a great way of getting children’s PowerPoints on to a blog, but embedding 30 separate PowerPoints in a single blogpost is somewhat daunting, and will clutter your blog terribly as well […]

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Easy ways into RSS

RSS is often described as the “glue of Web 2.0“. It’s the code whereby one website or application knows when another website has been updated. All blogs have an RSS feed. This means that if you choose to subscribe to a feed you will automatically get notified that the blog has been updated. This is […]

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Creative Commons, Copyright and Image Searching

One of the big issues facing the use of ICT in schools is the very lax culture surrounding the use of images and multimedia. When children produce presentations they are often given free rein to use image search tools and music download sites to create their own works. Little or no thought is given to […]

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