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A Series of Blog Workshops

We are pleased to announce a series of blog workshops for Northwest based bloggers. The topics covered are areas that we don’t usually have time to go into on normal in school training so will hopefully appeal to those bloggers who are wanting to advance their skills. All courses will take place at the training […]

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Putting Creative Commons image search in the heart of your blog

Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff via Compfight It’s a striking image, I hope you agree. What’s more the creator of the image has kindly licenced it with a Creative Commons licence to enable me to use it in my blog without having to ask his permission as you can see from the image attribution underneath the […]

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How to have your blog and eat it

Once your class start blogging regularly some issues quickly present themselves that need some thought. The first is the “visibility” of blog posts. Most people leave the default WordPress setting to display 10 blog posts per page alone, so if 30 children all write a blog post in a lesson then only the last 10 […]

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Choosing your flavour of WordPress

WordPress has rapidly developed into the world’s most popular web platform currently powering 12% of the active websites on the Internet. The reason for this is simple, it is powerful, flexible and Open Source, meaning that developers can easily add to the functionality of the platform ?as the source code is freely available. It’s very […]

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Embedding a Flash Object into a Blog

With the burgeoning popularity of games creation software like 2DIY, it only seems natural for children to want to display the fruits of their labour on their class blog. Most content creation sites use Flash to generate simple games and activities, therefore you need to enable your site to accept Flash objects in order to […]

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