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The Great Walsall Bakeoff

The Great Walsall Bakeoff is a blog project based at the ever prolific Leamore Primary School. Leamore have won a Naace Impact Award for their Early Years blogs because of the engagement with parents that it fostered. Here we are showcasing a brand new project based on the Pinboard theme. Anyone who wants to submit […]

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David Mitchell talking at #140conf

Many of you will know David Mitchell as @deputymitchell on Twitter. He has done perhaps more than anyone to spread the word about children blogging in schools over the last couple of years. He has received a number of awards for his work and this week took to the skies for a flying visit to […]

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The Open Badges Project

In discussion with a secondary school I came across the interesting Open Badges project set up by Mozilla. After some reading and joining a Google Group to try to get my head round it, I think it works like this: An institution (say, a school) becomes an ISSUER of badges and can develop whatever criteria they […]

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Stuff we build

One of the most enjoyable parts of what Peter and I do is get involved in special blog projects, usually at the request of teachers wanting to try something a bit different. Sometimes it’s just a case of doing some nice theming on a blog such as this one other projects, such as Livewriting.net take a […]

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Pandora Writing

Year Six pupils at Heathfield were  immersed in a two-week writing project inspired by ‘World of Pandora’ from the film Avatar. It seemed fitting to tweak the design of an existing blog theme to create an appropriate platform for children’s achievements in Pandora. The beauty of this design work is that it meets the needs […]

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