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Pandora Writing

Year Six pupils at Heathfield were ?immersed in a two-week writing project inspired by ?World of Pandora? from the film Avatar. It seemed fitting to tweak the design of an existing blog theme to create an appropriate platform for children’s achievements in Pandora. The beauty of this design work is that it meets the needs […]

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Blog the World Cup

Creative Blogs regularly set up free learning projects and opportunities for educators to explore the power of using blogs and other online applications with pupils. The Blog the World Cup idea was simple: there were 32 nations in the FIFA World Cup and there were 32 blogs on the Blog the World Cup site, one […]

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The Big Shoe Project

Brendan is eight years old. Together with his mother, he came up with an idea to breathe life into a homework project. What would happen if you asked folks from around the to send in a photo and explanation of their favourite pair of shoes and collate them on a nicely designed free blog? The […]

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