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How to make sure your new school website is visible to the internet

In order to save money many of our schools are now combining website and blogs into the same site – one set of hosting fees, one site to manage, brilliant blogging showcasing the best of your school are just 3 reasons why they do this. The ins and outs of the mechanics of doing this […]

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The Great Google Ranking Change

Next week, Google is rolling out a big change to the way it ranks websites. In essence, it will weight mobile device friendly websites more favourably than less mobile friendly sites. For more information read the BBC’s post on the change: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-32393050 How will this affect you and your school blogsite? Most of our homepage […]

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Copyright and the need to educate teachers

I was looking at a comment written by a child on a blogpost today. In it the child had written a poem at the request of the teacher. It was extremely well written so I immediately suspected that they had copied it. To confirm my suspicion I simply copied the entire poem and pasted it […]

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Putting Creative Commons image search in the heart of your blog

Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff via Compfight It’s a striking image, I hope you agree. What’s more the creator of the image has kindly licenced it with a Creative Commons licence to enable me to use it in my blog without having to ask his permission as you can see from the image attribution underneath the […]

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4 Easy Mistakes to Make With School Blogs

“I’d like a blog like Heathfields‘.” It’s a phrase I hear regularly. The Bolton school has a well deserved reputation for being amongst the foremost bloggers in the UK if not the World. You won’t be surprised to learn that to achieve what they did in such a relatively short time was no accident and […]

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