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Tags Add Value(s)

photo credit: Bob Xu via photopin cc Those of you that have listened to me talk about blogging will understand that I have a propensity to filibuster on the importance of tagging. Beyond basic word processing I consider tagging to be one of the key skills that every successful blogger needs to be taught, to […]

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2 key skills to teach bloggers

There are relatively few ICT skills, if any, that are unique to blogging, yet its nature allows it to be used as an excellent platform to teach certain key web skills. There are just two that I would highlight for anyone new to blogging (and I’m including teachers as well as children in this). Note, […]

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Tag Everything

Whenever I’m talking to teachers about blogging I hear myself talking ad nauseam about the importance of tagging blog posts yet I can point to relatively few examples of schools using tagging to its full potential. Make no mistake, tagging is one of the most powerful and important skills you can teach your community to […]

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4 Easy Mistakes to Make With School Blogs

“I’d like a blog like Heathfields‘.” It’s a phrase I hear regularly. The Bolton school has a well deserved reputation for being amongst the foremost bloggers in the UK if not the World. You won’t be surprised to learn that to achieve what they did in such a relatively short time was no accident and […]

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