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Are we blog browsers?

I have just read an interesting blog post by Seth Godin on the way people’s online behaviour towards buying stuff is changing. The basic premise of the piece is that although the amount of online transactions has grown enormously over the last ten years, the number of web pages viewed by us has increased dramatically […]

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Comments Matter

When asking children about what it is they find exciting and challenging about blogging, they always talk about receiving comments. Indeed, we believe that it’s the exposure to a real audience that is the key to the power of blogging over just about any other digital means of publication. ?And by “exposure”, we don’t just […]

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Teachers in a connected world

Image Credit As has been commented on many times before, teaching is often a very isolated activity in the sense that it’s you and 30 children, usually not another adult in sight – unless you are fortunate enough to have a teaching assistant, or work in an early years setting where teamwork comes very much […]

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