We offer four packages for schools wanting to explore the world of blogging:

Smart Website: For schools wanting to have a fully featured website built on the popular WordPress CMS platform. Features include full calendar function, custom graphic design, choice of mobile friendly themes, redirection of old websites etc. It also includes Twitter and Facebook Page integration as well as Vimeography Pro and Slickr Flickr Pro plugins to integrate all your social media.

Multisite Blogging: For schools who want to exploit the full power of multisite blogging in every class and community?across the school on their own custom domain. Features include custom homepage with simple navigation to blogs; the ability to create an unlimited number of blogs and users; many time saving features such as custom templates for use when creating new blogs (they will already include school logos, links to websites etc); support from the most experienced educational bloggers in the world!

Enhanced Multisite Blogging: For schools who want to do more with their blogs, as well as offering greater customisation of their homepage. In addition to all the features of the Multisite Blogging package, customers ?receive a custom graphic header on the homepage, bulk creation of children’s logins and the Gravity Forms, Vimeography?Pro and Slickr Flickr Pro plugins to integrate social media and automatically share the media content you create through your blogs.

Website + Enhanced Multisite Blogging: For schools that recognise the benefits of combining their school website with a fully functional multisite blog platform. The ultimate platform for a modern forward thinking school that understands that the best possible showcase of the excellence that goes on within their community is through active blogs, not static “corporate” websites.


Feature Check

Smart Website

Multisite Blogging

Enhanced Multisite Blogging

Website + Enhanced Multisite Blogging

Cost (first year)







Unlimited Blogs Yes Yes Yes
Fully Moderated Yes Yes Yes Yes
Locked down children’s dashboard* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom blog template for new blogs Yes Yes Yes
Own unique domain name Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily secure backup of site Yes Yes Yes Yes
UK based dedicated servers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Healthcheck monitoring** Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 day teacher & site administration training Yes Yes Yes
Technical support (phone & supportdesk) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom graphic design on homepage Yes Yes Yes
Bulk creation of children’s logins Yes Yes
Gravity Forms plugin*** Yes Yes Yes
Vimeography Pro plugin + galleries**** Yes Yes Yes
Slickr Flickr Pro Plugin***** Yes Yes Yes
School Facebook Page integration Yes Yes
Website calendar function Yes Yes
Upload of all statutory docs, policies etc Yes Yes
1/2 day School Admin Staff Training Yes Yes

Cost after first year

£300 pa £600 pa £700 pa £700 pa

Optional Extras

Creation of individual children’s logins £25 per class Included Included
Vimeography Pro plugin + gallery bundle Included £150 £150 if not already installed £150 if not already installed
Slickr Flickr Pro plugin and configuration on all blogs Included £150 £150 if not already installed £150 if not already installed
School Facebook Page integration £Included £50 £?50 Included
Conversion of existing multisite platform to smart website (Includes graphic design upload of all statutory docs, calendar function, Vimeography, Slickr Flickr and Facebook plugins plus extra half day training for admin staff) £1250 £750 £-
Redesign of existing homepage (not including graphic design) £350 £350 £350 £350
Addition of Multisite function to existing website (includes teacher training and Vimeography, Slickr Flickr etc if not already installed) £1500 ?-
Website Photography £400 £400 £400 £400
Website Photography including staff gallery £700 £700 £700 £700


*Locked down Children’s Dashboard

We use User Role Editor Pro, a premium plugin, to provide a customisable and secure children’s dashboard. We configure URE Pro for you to provide children with a set of blogging guidelines on login, a restricted set of menu options and no access to their profile (and thus their ability to change password), comments etc. In addition, we have written our own custom security plugins to ensure that children are unable to read unmoderated comments on their own posts.


**Healthcheck monitoring

Like all websites, WordPress blogs are subject to potential exploits by malware, hacks and viruses. If undetected, these threats can spread around your blogs and bring your site down often leaving us no choice but to go back to a clean backup which may be weeks old. To help prevent such attacks we have invested in Wordfence site monitoring for all our blogs meaning that we can detect threats to your site as soon as they occur allowing us to isolate and cure the problem without compromising the rest of your site. The system can also be used by schools to audit passwords to ensure staff use strong passwords on their accounts.


***Gravity Forms Plugin

Gravity Forms is a powerful plugin that allows you to create forms for lots of different scenarios. Schools use it to create forms that produce blog posts meaning that very young children can blog without needing to log in. Other uses include the creation of book review forms, ex pupil blogs, project blogs such as art week/science week blogs etc where there is no need to add users to the blog in order to give them the ability to post.


****Vimeography Pro Plugin

Vimeography Pro plugin and gallery bundle is a beautifully simple plugin that allows you to display videos from your Vimeo video collection in galleries. With lots of different gallery styles to choose from and the ability to display videos from albums, channels and collections it means that you can really integrate the power of video into your site. Requires school to have a Vimeo account (free, although we recommend you purchase a Vimeo Plus account at $60 per annum to take full advantage of the power of Vimeo. A Plus account allows you to set up a channel per class)


*****Slickr Flickr Pro Plugin

Slickr Flickr Pro brings full integration of Flickr photo hosting into class blogs and websites allowing the quick and simple creation of galleries based on latest photos, tags, albums and user IDs. Using Slickr Flickr enables classes to update galleries on blogs automatically as soon as new photos are uploaded to Flickr. We recommend each class has their own Flickr account (free) to take full advantage of Slickr Flickr Pro.


Hidden Extras

Our packages offer comprehensive solutions and there will be no hidden extra costs from those quoted. Optional services, such as website photography and premium plugins are clearly listed. The only potential extras will be the use of specific commercial fonts or plugins, where we have to purchase and install a specific font or plugin to meet your needs (we use the Google Fonts collection on most of our sites), or you have extensive graphic design requirements beyond the creation of a website header and reworking of logo (if required) which are included in our standard packages as listed in the table. If we think that extra costs will be incurred in meeting your specification then we will discuss this and provide a written quotation for your approval prior to commencing work.

We allow users to install themes and plugins on sites, however we do not provide any guarantees that they will work on your site, nor do we support themes and plugins that we have not installed ourselves. Where we suspect a plugin or theme causes a potential security issue, conflict with our existing setup or is in breach of licence terms and conditions we reserve the right to uninstall and delete any such software without notice. Read the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions page

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