Why Blog?

Blogging has been the single biggest impacting resource I have used in 11 years of teaching – transforming pupil engagement!

David Mitchell, former headteacher and expert educational blogger.

Why should your school consider setting up blogs?
  • To celebrate pupils’ learning and achievements.
  • To provide real audience and purpose for children’s writing across the curriculum.
  • To promote standards in literacy and facilitate peer review.
  • To develop safe opportunities to collaborate with other schools and outside experts.
  • To encourage the wider community to get involved in the work of your school.
  • To offer visitors a ‘window’ into the everyday excellence that takes place in your school.
  • To distribute the workload of maintaining a website more evenly across the school staff.
  • To give a platform for pupil voice to be heard and developed.
  • To allow stakeholders such as governors or parents’ groups to participate in the school’s web presence.
  • To provide a secure and authentic environment through which children can explore and learn about the world of digital literacy.


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